We purchased the Wifo drainage machine coupled to our challenger MT765D as a way of improving all our fields’ drainage at a sensible cost. Our land varies from marsh clay to upland clay on the Isle of Sheppey, Hollingbourne & Faversham Kent.

Some of our upland clay has the old Victorian drains which are still active and still work to a degree extremely well. These have no beach over the top but are placed fairly shallow. So we felt if we mirror this, improvements to our drainage on a large scale can be done quickly and efficiently at low cost.

The marsh clay are slightly different in that they are tiled drained with beach over the top, these still work to a degree so we felt by putting a single pipe in-between with no beach, improvement can be made to these fields at low cost., which we have done and improvements are clearly visible

We have successfully mapped and drained 200 acres this year on our own land, see below.

This was a particularly wet field and improvements this year are extreamly promising

For all enquiries please contact James on 07884664035 or call the main office on 01795 880441

Transport cost priced separately depending on mileage